Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Handmade Halloween Costumes

Meet the knitting fairy, with a wave of her wand she can pick up dropped stitches and rejuvenate wonky sweaters. Just for fun I was brainstorming ideas for Halloween costumes and this was one of them. I like the idea of a costume revolved around handmade. Truthfully though, I probably won't make this. Unless I have some party to go to, I'll probably stick with my tried and true Little Red Riding Hood costume. But if I was going to go all out, this is what I'd do:

Now this is a costume that will win you first place at a Halloween party. M.A.C. artist Karin Stone created this real life Roy Lichtenstein comic character.

Via Charmed

This is another costume I love, "low resolution". But if I were to make this, I'd make the squares smaller. I'd also draw squares on a light colored dress to keep the pixelation theme going. I actually suggested this costume to my husband this year and he thought I was completely out of my mind. Honestly, if he thought this was weird, he should have seen me with the ball of yarn wrapped around my head yesterday. Purely for costume R & D (research and development) of course.

Via Make

What crafty person can't resist the tomato pincushion costume? Pure awesomeness, right?

via My Paper Crane

And here's something for the kids, a paper doll costume. What's great about this costume is how easy and inexpensive it is to make. This would also make a great family themed costume. Everyone could be paper dolls.

Via Dollar Store Crafts

So, what fabulous costumes are you guys making this year?

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